The C20 Working Groups are already in discussion

After great anticipation from Civil Society Organizations, both local and global, that work year after year on the development of the C20, the official discussion forums for each topic are now open.

The website representing the Civil Affinity Group 20 (C20) is already receiving users from all over the world involved in the production of proposals that will be presented by the Civil Society to the political leaders that make up the G20 Summit.

Seeking to influence a variety of topics, the topics chosen ones by the third sector were: “anti-corruption”, “Architecture of the International Financial System”, “Gender”, “Education, Employment and inclusion”, “From local to global”, “Investment and infrastructure” and “Global Health”. For each one of these working groups, a discussion forum has been created where the organizations, with a coordinator as a moderator, will discuss ideas and proposals of high technical content in order to promote changes toward the end of the Argentine G20 mandate.

It is important to emphasize that the topics supported by the organizations promote a certain continuity with the ones chosen during Germany G20 Summit from last year. Besides, the content of each discussion is the decision of the members of each group.

Be a part in the conversation now! If your organization isn’t already registered, go to and make your contribution.