The 2019 Annual Report is now available

During 2019, RACI carried out a busy agenda, fulfilling different actions both in Argentina and the world.

Learn about some of the activities we were able to execute thanks to the support of our members and allies!


Institutional Development

The Strategic Planning 2020-2025 was one of the significant milestones we achieved this past year. It has shaped our efforts in continuing to be a relevant and effective network that strengthens civil society, calling upon actors from various sectors to prepare a plan that is adaptable to distinct contexts.

During 2019, RACI has also collaborated in the co-management of funds, assisting actors linked to International Cooperation and Private Social Investment in the selection of social projects to finance.

At the same time, RACI was a part of several workshops that included topics such as project development, rural communities, diversity and inclusion, leadership, accountability, institutional development, and innovation for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Raising Awareness and Impact

One of the aspects that RACI promotes to strengthen civil society is the collaboration of different social actors. As a result, more than 350 events have been held by RACI and different actors of society.

In these events, we highlight Civil Society Week in Argentina, where representatives of CSOs, the public sector, the private sector and the Academy participate with the aim of generating cross-sectoral alliances for sustainable development. Meanwhile, RACI also coordinated with the C20 Japan workgroup, where we strengthened our role as International Coordinator of one of the workgroups.

In addition, RACI participated in Innovation for Change, a global network of individuals and organizations that defends and strengthens the civic space and, along with other organizations, leads the regional center of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Training and Strengthening

During 2019, RACI’s team trained in various topics to strengthen their work in the Network. The training consisted of monthly member visits.


In this aspect, RACI developed different research projects such as the analysis of citizens’ priorities and their relation with the 2030 Agenda, the use of Big Data for social change and local private social investment, among other things.

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