Second Meeting of the Multi-Actor Dialogues Cycle of the Regional Center for Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

We invite you to register and participate in the second meeting of the Multi-Actor Dialogues Cycle. Perspectives and Narratives: Challenges of Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

At RACI, we have been promoting this cycle with the aim of motivating and generating enriching conversations that provide innovative proposals and alternatives to improve and enhance democratic processes in the region.

In February, we held the first meeting, and now we want to invite you to participate in the second dialogue, which will focus on democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean today, exploring aspects such as representativeness, social participation, the role of civil society, freedoms, and freedom of the press.

Please note that the meeting will take place virtually via Zoom on August 3, 2023, at 11:30 AM Argentina time (GMT -3).

During this cycle, distinguished academic experts from civil society, the private sector, and the public sector in Latin America and the Caribbean will share brief presentations, either individually or in panels. After the presentations, we will have a conversation in which participants can engage through dynamics that promote genuine dialogue and open and inclusive communication. We aim to achieve consensus that drives democratic development.

Don’t miss out, as spots are limited! Find the registration link here. Through it, you will receive the access details to join.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your participation.