RACI was selected as a case study by the University of Providence in the USA

During the first days of May PhD Tuba Agartan Researcher of the Program of Health and Health Politics of the University of Providence in the USA visited Buenos Aires. Her visit was to make a case study to seize the impact of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI) on Global Development and National Politics.

The project seeks to understand the role of RACI since its beginnings as an influence on local and international Civil Society as well as the environment created by the organization. On the other hand the research also pretends to evaluate how its stance has evolved through time and to identify opportunities and challenges to shape current social and political processes.

In order to accomplish this different actors who worked or keep working on RACI were interviewed  to know  the role of RACI on Civil Society, how it was created and evolved along the years. To get a broader look of the object of study the interviews reached to  members of RACI and  funding members of the organizations that are part of RACI, current and former donors, volunteers and current and former staff.