RACI participated in the “Advocacy Campaign Accelerator” training in Peru

In the first week of October, members of the RACI team traveled to Lima, Peru to participate in the “Advocacy Campaign Accelerator” training organized by the Regional Center for Latin America and the Caribbean for Innovation for Change, where various representatives of Civil Society Organizations from the region participated.

On the first day of the training, the methodology was presented, a tour of the different modules was carried out, and the problem that would guide the exercises and activities developed throughout the week was raised: the low level of trust towards the Organizations of the Civil Society in the region.

During the training days, attendants participated in activities to think about how to attack this problem, what are its causes, its effects, and the main actors involved. Then, the groups discussed different ideas and proposals in order to find solutions.

During the final days, groups had to create prototypes, test them, and improve them. For this, the feedback of other participants was critical as well as the opinion of the citizens. This feedback was collected through surveys conducted during the training.

The various activities carried out allowed us to improve our understanding of existing perceptions in our society regarding civil society. Additionally, all participants were able to learn about and experience the process of developing creative and innovative ideas, as well as the principles and tools necessary to lead future spaces like this.

Likewise, the importance of having a regional space for dialogue, exchange of experiences, practices, and knowledge was highlighted, not only for the strengthening of our organizations, but also for addressing common problems and thinking about finding solutions together.

The training concluded with the aim of strengthening regional participation spaces for finding solutions to problems affecting civil society in the region as well as using innovative practices for strategic development within organizations.

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