RACI at the International Civil Society Week

As a member of CIVICUS, RACI join the Civil Society Week, which took place in Serbia. At this event, representatives from different Civil Society Organizations from all over the world gathered to discuss dialogue, exchange experiences and generate ties.

This year’s topic was “The power of togetherness”, and the main axis of work was to explore new ways of collective work between individuals and between organizations around the world. As part of RACI’s team, Guillermo Correa (Executive Director) and Juliana Catania (Deputy Director) participated in this event and attended talks on transparency and accountability, networking and reduction of civic space, among others. In addition, they both participated in a “Freedom Run” that took place in the streets of Belgrade.

RACI had also an active participation in the event. Juliana lead a workshop on “diversity and inclusion in networks” and also presented the results of the Civil Society Week Local Event of Argentina, which RACI organized with members and representatives of the Argentinean Civil Society.

On the other hand, Guillermo was present in the meetings of AGNA and CIVICUS, where the representatives work on the future of the networks. Likewise, Guillermo was again elected as part of the CIVICUS Executive Committee, which is a space that allows RACI to link and learn about the work of other organizations around the world.

In conclusion, the presence of RACI in spaces like CIVICUS allows us not only to participate in workshops and discussions that enrich our daily work, but it is also a space where we can generate links and learn about the work, the problems and the solutions that other networks and organizations are facing.