Presentation of the “PERSPECTIVA CÍVICA” Study

Presentation of the “PERSPECTIVA CÍVICA” Study

Research for the incidence in times of Covid-19.


On Wednesday, March 10, we will be presenting the most recent RACI´s publication, a qualitative-quantitative study carried out during the first months of the pandemic. This seeks to understand and reflect in what way the events derived from compulsory social isolation have affected the functioning of Civil Society Organizations and their ability to reach the communities in which they operate and to carry out their missions and visions.

At RACI, we consider it necessary to document this process for various reasons. In the first place, to make visible the role that social organizations have had in supporting numerous vulnerable communities during the worst months of social isolation. Second, to analyze, based on data generated in the field, what has been the impact of the pandemic on CSOs and what has been their response capacity – identifying the main challenges and strengths they face in this framework. Finally, it seeks to provide a relevant perspective to think about actions and solutions, as well as to reflect on the scenarios that arise from now on for the Social Sector.

Perspectiva Civica is a periodic survey carried out by RACI that seeks to take the pulse of Civil Society, that is, to identify the conditions in which Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) work and develop in Argentina and the region . It is based on an individual perception survey open to the organization’s leaders and their work teams, who give an account of their opinions regarding the general state of the Social Sector, their main future concerns, as well as the main strengths, weaknesses and CSO needs.

Soon Perspectiva Civica will launch its first regional study, which will seek to provide reliable and comparable data for Civil Society in Latin America and the Caribbean. That is why, to put this study in context, and anticipating the imminent launch of Civic Perspective in Latin America and the Caribbean, we convened a panel of experts from Argentina and the region, composed of: Anabel Cruz (CDI, Rendir Accounts), Gabriel Berger (UDESA), Orazio Belletini (Harvard / Fuegos), Pilar Arcidiácono (UBA / CONICET), Tamar Hahn (CINU).


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