Phase 1 of the Call for the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina and Paraguay has closed!

Between October 12 and 22, 2021, the Call for the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina and Paraguay 2021-2022 remained open.  As reported in the Terms and conditions, the Fund supports small-scale and short-term community projects that contribute to increasing the well-being of a community.

During this period, RACI received and systematized a total of 270 applications. 230 of them were submitted by organizations established in Argentina, 39 by organizations in Paraguay.

Considering the thematic axes of the Fund:

  1. 189 applications work on the axis of Economic and Social Inclusion
  2. 96 work on the axis of Climate change and resilience
  3. 148 projects are linked to Gender Equality
  4. 120 promote the Development of communities (particularly indigenous and rural)

How does the application process continue

Once Phase 1 of the application process is closed, the RACI team will be dedicated to the evaluation of the concept notes received. A pre-selection will be made of those projects that meet the criteria and requirements of the fund. Those pre-selected organizations will be notified by email on Friday, November 5 and will be invited to participate in a second instance where they will submit an Extended Application Form.

All applications must be submitted as follows:

  1. The Form “Form 02 – Extended Application Form” will be e-mailed to pre-selected organizations
  2.  Complete the downloaded application. The form must be:
    1. Written in Spanish.
    2. Accompanied by additional information, quotes, purchase order from goods and services suppliers (as applicable).
    3. Signed by a responsible member of the applicant organization.
    4. Attached in Editable Word or PDF format.
  3. Submit the document “Form 02 – Extended Application Form”


The reception period for the Extended Application Form, for those pre-selected organizations, will be open from Monday, November 8 to Thursday, November 18, 6.00 PM (Argentine time).

During this period, the RACI team will be available for consultations and support of the pre-selected organizations through the email .