Our Members: Fundación León’s Adaptation in Times of Social Isolation

Since 2003, Fundación León has been working to combat chronic poverty in the province of Tucumán, using the home-based accompaniment methodology, and taking into account the situation and context of each family group and the dynamics among its members. In this way, it contributes to sustainable development through two work lines: through the eradication of poverty in communities with violated rights, applying education, work and entrepreneurship programs; and through the social inclusion of people with disabilities, Alzheimer’s and other dementias through accompaniment programs and social services. Fundación León’s mission is to promote volunteering and social responsibility to achieve a fair and equitable world.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and obligatory social isolation, Fundación León found itself in the need to look for new ways of working, leading it to decide to open up to the community through digital means such as giving informative talks on Facebook Live or Via Zoom, carrying out their mission and discussing different topics.

In addition, because of the impediment of reaching out to vulnerable families, as a result of social distancing, allowed the organization to adapt and turn to virtual accompanying for families in vulnerable situations. In this way, Fundación León could sustain the relationship with their addressees (boys, girls, adolescents, women, adults and older adults) using tools and media such as WhatsApp and YouTube.

Fundación León articulated its work with AMIA, another organization member of our Network, carrying out the educational program “Learning at Home – HIPPY”, sharing videos with stories and prevention tips aimed at children. They also shared prevention videos and educational support for teenagers from the “Future Graduates” scholarship program, and cognitive stimulation workshops for adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, as well as support and containment activities for their families and caregivers.

Together with the aforementioned activities, Fundación León has opened an exclusive WhatsApp line, so that the community can continue to manage wheelchairs and other orthopedic items online, action that is carried out together with the CILSA organization.

Adapting to the new social reality, Fundación León found a way to replace their annual fundraising dinner by creating a “virtual event” on its social networks on May 14th.  The virtual dinner reached its fundraising goal, which allows them to support 1050 households in extreme poverty.

Fundación León adapted its face-to-face organization dynamic and direct contact work with families and their recipients towards a virtual work. This decision was reflected in the impulse that characterizes the foundation, to sustain the bond, the social tie, while highlighting that being isolated does not mean being disconnected.

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