Our Members: Fundación Aiken

Fundación Aiken is the only NGO in Argentina that focus on offering psychological support to grieving children and teenagers. It works mainly with group psychology, supporting also the adults in charge, grieving young adults and parents grieving the death of their children.

Additionally, the Foundation offers consulting, training and workshops for those organizations that need it (schools, health institutions, companies, government bodies and other NGOs). Their motto is: ‘Working with death is working for life’.

The pandemic and the isolation measures have forced the Foundation to rethink how they work. They have fully adapted the grieving groups to take place online. In these circumstances, the most valuable project of 2020 was postponed: The First Grieving Sessions of Argentina, which will be taking place in March 2021 instead.

The context in which this project was postponed opened up the opportunity and showed the necessity to create an ONLINE CYCLE OF MEETINGS regarding grieving, in which distinguished professionals share their vision and experience on this specific topic.

We invite you to take part in this initiative that encounters knowledge, exchange and reflection about topics that, in one or another way, are close to every one of us.

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