Our members: Equity Foundation

After the virtuality left by the pandemic, we resumed visits to our members in person. In this way, the Fundación Equidad received us.

Since 2001, Fundación Equidad has worked with people from the neediest social sectors, promoting their social, educational, and labor integration through new technologies and digital training.

They have three programs: a recycling workshop, a technical school, and CSR projects.

In the Fundación Equidad Workshop, they receive unused computers from companies, individuals, and state agencies, recycle them and donate them to organizations, soup kitchens, and schools that need them to carry out their projects. They receive approximately one ton of computers daily, managing to recycle and donate between 2,000 and 3,000 computers annually.

Through this process, they collaborate with reducing the digital divide in Argentina, also taking care of the environment since they prevent computers from becoming electronic waste.

The technical school offers computer courses to expand access to digital tools and promote the social and labor insertion of young people, adults, and the elderly.

Regarding CSR projects, they are in charge of making agreements aligned with the needs of each company that wants to collaborate with them, the environment, and society.

The main objectives of the foundation are:

  • Create a culture of reuse and recycling of technology to reduce the digital divide.
  • Promote equal access to education, information, knowledge, and new technologies
  • Consolidate a network of people who exchange knowledge and best practices for social development through information technologies.
  • Provide more significant opportunities for training and job placement for young people and adults.

During the visit, we could tour the workshop, learn about the procedures carried out for the repair of equipment and who is in charge of this task. Also, we were able to meet with part of the team so that they could tell us a little about their trajectory, the projects they have in progress, and the difficulties they face as an organization.

Today, the organization needs a larger amount of electronic equipment donations to deliver more computers to those who need them. If your organization or business can donate equipment, get in touch!

You can visit their social networks to find out about their activities: facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and youtube.

Thanks for having us!