Our Members: ALCEM and Asociación Pilares


We virtually visited ALCEM – the Association for Multiple Sclerosis Combat, where we had a conversation with Susana Giachello, the founding president of ALCEM, Paula Henestroza, the Coordinator of the Social Department, and Noemí Romero, in charge of Radio ALCEM. They shared with us the organization’s history and its main activities, including workshops, seminars, and events aimed at informing and, above all, breaking myths and prejudices surrounding multiple sclerosis (MS).

During their recent campaign on World MS Day (May 30) under the slogan “Let’s Make the Invisible Visible,” they aimed to raise awareness about the existence of MS in society. ALCEM is dedicated to advocating for the rights of people with multiple sclerosis in the country. From the moment of diagnosis, ALCEM supports patients in coordination with their Medical Advisory Board and Reference Centers throughout the country.

In addition to providing advice and assistance on health issues, they also offer support in employment, social security, and family situations through personalized communication with professionals in the social and legal fields.

The organization promotes fundamental values such as empathy, social inclusion, healthy habits, and quality of life. Their team of professionals possesses profound knowledge of multiple sclerosis and the necessary experience to offer solutions in the health, social, and legal domains.

ALCEM provides a meeting space where they organize annual and free activities for people with multiple sclerosis. These activities are essential for reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, decreasing cognitive impairment, and improving the well-being of participants.


Pilares Association

As part of our efforts to strengthen collaboration and support our members, the RACI team visited Pilares Association in Pilar, where we had a conversation with Agustina Magenties, the Executive Director, and Claudia Perna from the Fund Development team. They shared information about their projects and the Educational Support programs.

The organization aims to bridge the educational gap and prepare students to enter secondary school with a strong foundation, ensuring that all children have access to quality education.

Pilares de Aprendizaje is a program developed in collaboration with the School of Education at Universidad Austral. It provides primary school students in vulnerable situations with the opportunity to strengthen their academic paths.

During our visit, we witnessed the transformative impact that Pilares Association has on the community. Through educational programs and comprehensive support, the organization works to develop individuals’ skills and capacities, promoting their autonomy.

Thanks for having us!