Our Members: Aikén

During our recent visit to the Aikén Foundation, we had the opportunity to learn about their work in the field of psychological support during the grieving process. Aikén provides a safe and understanding space for children, adolescents, young adults, and adults who have experienced the loss of a loved one, such as a parent, sibling, or other close relatives.

Psychological support is offered both individually and in group settings, led by specialized professionals. These age-specific groups allow participants to address their emotions, feelings, and thoughts related to the death of a family member in a caring, respectful, and open environment.

Aikén also recognizes the importance of simultaneously working with the responsible adults, aiming to help them process their own grief and learn healthy ways to support children and young adults in this situation. Additionally, they offer in-person, telephone, and virtual guidance to families both within and outside Buenos Aires, providing support in times of crisis.

Aikén’s approach is based on the understanding that grief affects the entire family, observing interactions among members to provide comprehensive support.

Moreover, the organization offers training and workshops for various populations facing crisis situations related to death and grief. These sessions are designed for schools, companies, clinics, hospitals, funeral homes, cemeteries, healthcare professionals, and the general community.

During our visit, we were received by Gabriela Real, Executive Director, who shared with us how the team is responsible for providing training to other populations and institutions that address grief comprehensively. She also explained how the foundation has grown and evolved in supporting different types of grief.

Thank you very much for having us!