Our 2021 Unconference is coming soon!

From the multiple instances of reflection on the social sector and as part of a plural framework of work, on 1st June, from RACI and AGNA (CIVICUS) we will be holding the Unconference 2021. Under the slogan “Redesigning the social sector advocacy agenda”, we will be sharing the results of the project Rebuilding for Good/Reconstruction with a lasting character and the 2020 Unconferences. Besides, we join efforts and co-create together with those who present an advocacy strategy for the coming months. 


In the last times, from RACI we have met to talk and analyze the actual situation and the social sector perspectives of transformation. On one hand, we achieve three multi-sectorial Unconferences between August and October of 2020, with the support of AGNA (CIVICUS) to exchange experiences and knowledge about the mobilization of social sector resources. Similarly, these instances fostered the generation of proposals to catalyze changes in action for development in Argentina. On the other hand, as members of the CIVICUS initiative “Rebuilding for Good/Reconstruction with a lasting character”, we convened key actors to debate through focus groups on the current scenario of the link between Civil Society and other interested parties (State, International Cooperation, Private Sector, etc). This project, in which we participate together with two other organizations from Ghana and Barbados, aims to improve collaboration between Civil Society and Governments, while at the same time creating an international and plural framework of work that especially incorporates a bottom-up view above the Global South. All the knowledge and tools acquired during these processes drive us to take concerted action in the future.


In this framework, we invite you to be part of the Unconference 2021, to know the diagnosis we have reached, and to outline a strategy that will guide the sector in the coming months. The time for transformation has come and we would love to have you.


We invite you to join through the following link.


We wait for you!