One more year of learning at Kettering Foundation

Part of the RACI team went to Dayton, Ohio in the United States, where it continued with the workshop about Deliberative Democracy that provides the Kettering Foundation.

With a working dynamic fully renewed, and the development of an application specially thought for the participants; the Kettering Foundation welcomed guests from all over the world with the goal of learning and sharing experiences about the deliberative methodology that teaches the Institute of Deliberative Democracy each year.

This year, part of the RACI Team went to Dayton with the aim to share the project “Leave no one behind”, conducted during last October in the Embassy of Canada, where were put into practice several characteristics of the methodology promoted by the Foundation. The Argentinian case study was a trigger for the opening of one of the session in which participants from South Africa, India and Fiji shared as well their experiences.

As part of the changes, the Foundation developed an application which, apart from including contacts of every participant, week’s agenda and the materials which will be used; had interactive spaces where was able to make comments or to ask questions in real time about speakers’ presentations, and to make group exercises during the sessions. Another great new was the presence of designers who captured each session with drawings and graphics which decorated the event rooms’ walls during the full week.

In a unique opportunity to create networking with people from all over the world, the team had the chance to make contact with representatives from public sector, private sector, the Academy and Third Sector which made easy the sharing of experiences and possibilities to form potential alliances which would lead to common projects in the future.