Members Assembly 2023

On Friday, April 14, we met at AMIA with RACI members, where we presented our activity report between October 2022 and April of this year and reviewed our news and new projects in progress.

With the face-to-face and virtual participation of our members, we presented the mid-term evaluation of the strategic plan, and there our main objective: to assess the quality of the process developed concerning the four strategic axes of RACI, focusing on context, goals, processes, methods, and resources.

In addition, Mariela Belski, as the new President of RACI, had the floor, emphasizing our election year, thus highlighting the importance of strengthening democratic practices to continue growing as a network.

Being in direct contact with our members is essential to foster articulation and accountability every year. This closeness is central to our network and is also reflected in different meetings and dialogues with member organizations, training sessions, and other spaces that we make available.