International Civil Society Week is coming

Within the International Civil Society Week that will be developed in Serbia from April 6th to 12th, RACI hosted a parallel event that not only reproduced the schedule that will be worked in the official event, but also produced the inputs  that are going to be taken into account for the delegations from the different countries.

With the objective of producing tools and process, the network reunited representatives from different sectors with the purpose of creating a space for debate and for the proposal of potential solutions in four areas that affect CSO beyond the topics worked: Sustainability, Transparency, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Enabling Environment.

The event started with a panel of experts that presented a brief analysis of the situation on each of the topics. It was integrated by Karina Kalpschtrej, Institutional Strengthen Director of Poder Ciudadano; Carlos March, Strategic Communication Director of AVINA Foundation; Mariano de Donatis, Director of Health Without Harm International and Tamar Hahn, Director of the Center of Information of United Nations (CINU).

As part of this initiative, members of RACI will travel to the official event hosted in Serbia where it will be shared the materials, the processes and the conclusions worked in Buenos Aires, thanks to the support of CIVICUS and the Embassy of Canada.

International Civil Society Week is an international event designed so that civil society creates ties, debates and solutions jointly.  Employing a common approach, organizations have united their resources to summon an international group of multiple leaders of civil society with the objective of sharing ideas, impulse a positive social change, exchange tools that improve citizen action and celebrate the citizen power. Every ICSW explore a specific topic in an exhaustive way.