Get to know our Partners!

This year, we inaugurated a new segment, in which we aim to interview and learn more about the RACI’s partners. This is why we interviewed them so they could tell us about their organization and how they work with RACI.

This month, we interviewed to Carlos Persini, Founder and President of the Huellas para un Futuro Foundation, which has been part of the Network for several years.

Carlos, very kindly, told us about the objectives and the function of the foundation. He said that “Fundación Huellas para un Futuro is an NGO that deals with social and environmental problems within a 100 km2 area of in the province of Misiones. The region belongs to the buffer zone of the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve (Reserva de la Biosfera Yaboti) where local people of diverse origins (Brazilian, German, Ukrainian, Creoles) and four Mbya guarani communities live together. Our challenge is to put into practice concrete actions and synergies on the ground between Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change, in line with Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDG. In parallel, we have adhered to the Global Compact, emphasizing our commitment to encourage the active participation of the private sector in order to raise awareness and broaden the range of financial resources required for the effective implementation of solutions that concern humanity as a whole.”

On the other hand, he explained that what encouraged them to join as RACI partners was “the articulation with the whole spectrum of actors involved in the diagnosis, approach and resolution of local and global problems in all aspects”. He also added that what they value most about the networking they find with RACI is “in principle, the growth that the Organization has had, the appropriate role it plays and its progressive, coherent and seamless positioning. The contribution they make to our sector, today through the form of Federation, is unquestionable. The heterogeneity of its members guarantees a broad and inclusive outlook that, coordinated by RACI in an impeccable manner, bodes well for a solid and ideal representation of our sector. It is no coincidence that their presence at the G20 co-coordinating the C20 has been a credit. This is just the beginning.”

To conclude, Carlos made a small assessment of his organization in the years they have worked as Partner of the Network. He explains that: « We consider RACI as a strategic partner. They have enormously facilitated the research and the access to funds, being aware what they represent for us in our sector. In our case, it opened the doors of the international cooperation, but the most important thing, is the permanent partnership in order to consolidate these opportunities in the future. I am certain that, in the medium-term and through a strategic vision, RACI will culminate in positioning the CSO sector as a relevant actor and with the appropriate interference and within a transversal model in which society, the state and international organizations will responsibly execute their role, without overlapping or squandering their ever-scarce resources. Time is our nonrenewable resource, more scarce than the one that runs with a vast humanity plagued with necessities and inequalities as the environment is progressively deteriorating. We need action and I consider that RACI is the tool which allows our sector to raise our voice and acquire the visibility that our organizations need. »

We appreciate Carlos for taking the time to join us in this space. If you want to know more about the Huellas por un Futuro Foundation, do it here.