Find out how the Foundation for Agrocultural Development (FUDA) works

This month, as part of our goal to learn more about the valuable work our partners are doing, we took a few minutes to interview FUDA’s Executive Director, Lucas Carneiro.

FUDA became a member of RACI in 2016, after meeting the Network at a workshop in the province of Misiones. His goal was to join in to “weave new networks that allow FUDA, first learn, take safe steps and improve the work of the organization.”

Thanks to the experience they have gained over the years, sharing concerns and challenges with the Network’s partners, they have been able to strengthen the work they carry out daily in several municipalities of the province of Misiones.

FUDA’s mission is to promote, rank and develop sustainable agricultural and agroindustrial activity in municipalities such as Eldorado, Posadas, San Vicente, San Pedro, Aristobulo del Valle, Leandro N. Alem, and Dos de Mayo. For this, they have a program of young rural entrepreneurs and sustainable agricultural development. The objective is to provide tools to reduce rural migration, especially among young people, who are the target population that occupies almost 40% of Misiones.  Another of their programs is sustainable urban agriculture, which seeks to strengthen social development in vulnerable areas of these municipalities.

Lucas appreciates the opportunity that RACI offers him to meet new allies and organizations in order to grow as an institution. He also recognizes that it is a very rich space to strengthen the work plan of FUDA.  Thus, he said that “being at RACI opened up opportunities for us, and especially indoors, because we were able to take new steps, starting from organizing ourselves as a team, seeing our strengths and weaknesses and moving forward on a work plan, which even led to changing our initial brand with a new logo. We understood that being part of the Network requires constant commitments and challenges and we needed to live up to them”. He added that “RACI also allows us to provide information, from monthly meetings and announcements; information that at least from our place, in Misiones, is sometimes not available, and being on the Web makes a difference.”

We thank Lucas and the entire FUDA team for giving us some of their time. To learn more about FUDA’s work, please visit its website: .