ComuniDas won the SID-Washington Innovation Competition award!

The ComuniDas virtual platform – developed by the Innovation for Change initiative – won the popular vote award in the 2019 SID-Washington Innovation Competition. This competition seeks innovative products and services that can provide better access to information, increase commitment and improve decision making. RACI – as a member of Innovation for Change – collaborated in the creation of ComuniDas, a collaborative economy platform in which you can find a type of service needed by an organization and get support from other organizations, offering them another service or product in return. The objective is to create an inclusive and solidary space for social organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to enhance the skills and abilities of each of the organizations that comprise it. In short, it seeks to facilitate strategic alliances that promote capacity building, leadership and resource optimization. This platform is open to all social organizations willing to share information with their peers in the region and, in this manner, promotes proximity actions among civil society in our region. RACI, as part of Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean, was awarded for its passion, commitment, creativity and impact in the field of international development.

To learn more about the platform, you can visit it by clicking here.