CIVICUS launched its new report: State of Civil Society 2017

CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance, in which RACI is member, published its annual Civil Society report. The report analyzes main facts and events that are relevant for global civil society.

 The first part of the brief is focused on two disturbing problems: the shrinking space for civil society and regressive policies revival, complemented by the rise of right-wing politics leaders.

The world faces a democratic crisis because civil rights had been restricted: right of free speech, freedom of assembly and association. The report highlights how dangerous it is to challenge the power and the risks that are involved in the mere fact of dissent.

The special issue of the 2017 edition addresses the relationship between civil society and the private sector. The main idea analyzed this year is the urgent need to convince companies of the importance of civic space. The relevance of companies at a global level is becoming larger; According to the report three quarters of the world’s 100 largest economies are corporations and national states. The growing influence of the private sector can play an important role in safeguarding civil liberties. And so the report presents a series of responses and recommendations to work together and urge companies to take an active engagement with civil society.

The report also features a series of interviews with people involved in the main stories of the moment, an annual survey of the members of AGNA (Affinity Group of National Associations) and 27 articles about the relationship of civil society and the private sector written by representatives of Civil Society Organizations, public and private sector.

To read the full report, visit: