CIVICUS launches its new report on the State of Civil Society 2018

CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance of which RACI is a part of, published its State of Civil Society Report 2018. The reports are published annually and examine the main events that affect civil society worldwide.  

Every year, this Report aims to examine the main events that involve and affect the Civil Society worldwide. To do so, various interviews are carried out with specialists, leaders and participants of the tertiary sector. Additionally, they use the ongoing research and analysis by CIVICUS and the findings from the online platform CIVICUS Monitor that tracks the space that Civil Society works in worldwide as inputs.

One of the highlights of this year’s report is that it identifies 10 key trends that affected the Civil Society during 2017 and, according to this publication, will continue to do so. They are: the globalized neoliberalism that is failing all over the world; the political polarization that is dividing societies; the personal domain of political leaders that is undermining democratic institutions; the rising attacks on journalists that report on corruption and public protests; the growing vigilance and manipulation of opinions that is betraying the promise of social networks; the “uncivil” society that is claiming the space of civil society; the multilateralism that is in the line of fire; the growing role of the private sector in governance that demands more scrutiny; the patriarchy that is now more firmly under the spotlight; and the civil society struggling and building a determined resistance.

Likewise, the particularity of 2018 Report is the focus on resistance and the fact that the struggle continues, making it one of its key findings of the same. On the other hand, it is worth noting that during the next months the content of the Report will go further into depth with a series of dialogues and conversations on the theme of “reinventing democracy”.

The Report also has a review detailing month by month, the main events that affected civil society in different states of the world.

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Source: CIVICUS (2018), Informe del Estado de la Sociedad Civil 2018,