Celebrating yet another year of collaborative work!

On November the 28th 2017, RACI celebrated with its partners, allies, and donors another year of projects and objectives achieved in collaboration.

The event was held at the British Embassy’s Residence in Buenos Aires, for the third year in a row, welcoming more than 290 attendees to celebrate the end of 2017 with the RACI team. This event was hosted by the UK’s Ambassador, Mark Kent, and the Executive Director of RACI, Guillermo Correa.

Reviewing a year of collaborative work, Guillermo Correa and Patricia Kahane, Executive Director of Fundación Tzedaká and member of the Executive Committee of our Network, both acknowledged the milestones achieved by the federation and thanked the attendees for their support.

Among our many achievements, we highlight the following: the articulated work of all partner organizations; 7 face-to-face workshops in different locations throughout the country along with 3 free webinars open to all organizations; the Declaration of Interest granted by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation in recognition of our training sessions and the designation of RACI as co-chair of the Affinity Group Civil20 within of the G20, having Argentina as its president and host in 2018.

From RACI we thank our allies, donors and above all, the member organizations that work year after year within the federation to strengthen the Argentine Civil Society. We wish all of you an excellent ending for 2017 and a 2018 with even greater network collaboration.