Celebrating the International Civil Society’s Week

From December the 4th till the 8th, the 2017 International Civil Society’s Week as well as CIVICUS World Assembly took place in Suva, Fiji, and RACI did not miss these events.

The International Civil Society’s Week (ICSW) is a global meeting which gathers members of civil society around the globe in a constructive dialogue towards common solutions for global challenges. In 2017, the ICSW was focused on topics such as “Our Planet”, “Our Fights”, and “Our Future”, enabling more than 30 events to gather leading organizations from all around the world. CIVICUS World Assembly was indeed the most distinctive event of all, culminating with the ceremony for the 2017 Civicus Nelson Mandela – Graça Machel Innovation Awards.

In RACI’s representation, our Executive Director as well as Board member of CIVICUS, Guillermo Correa, served as envoy for communicating the main challenges of the Argentinian Civil Society and the regional situation.