The Executive Committee of RACI is formed by seven Executive Directors from the network's partner members. Those aspiring to be part of the Committee should apply for the position. They will be elected by vote in the Members Assembly that is carried out annualy in October.

The term in office lasts two years and it is possible to be reelected two terms in a row. The main objective is to have a Committee formed by seven members from a diverse thematic spectrum, in geography and scale.

Besides full members, the Committee designates alternate members within the appointed organizations to take over the role of the full member in case they were not to be able to comply with her or his functions in a given time. In addition, the organization's full members are backed up by the Organization's Alternates, which will replace them whenever it is necessary.


  • Contribute to the implementation of the annual action plan approved by the Members Assembly.
  • Develop political actions according to medium and long term strategies.
  • Suggest modifications to the Internal Regulations at the Members Assembly in order to keep the entity working adequately.
  • Present candidates to the Members Assembly to occupy the position of Executive Director in the event of a vacancy, after evaluating potential applicants.


  • Taking decissions by simple present majority voting except for the particular cases that the Internal Regulation sets not to.
  • Participating from monthly meetings with the Executive Commitee, to accompany it actively in the execution of the annual action plan.
  • Taking full care of the operative work and giving support to the Executive Direction daily.
  • Carrying out functions of the Evaluative Commission during the process of incorporation of new partners.
  • Carrying out the functions and powers instructed by the Members Assembly.

Noel Alonso Murray

General Director – Directorio Legislativo. She has a degree in Political Science from the Catholic University of Argentina and has completed a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at FIAPP, Spain. She has worked for the last fifteen years in civil society organizations in Argentina and is currently the Executive Director of the Legislative Directory Foundation. Noel has coordinated studies on legislativetransparency and Latin American politics.

Marisa Giraldez

General Director – Banco de Alimentos Foundation. She is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). She worked in the private sector as Director of Quality in the automotive industry and in the public sector as Director of Projects for Development in the Agency of Cooperation and International Affairs of the province of Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she has headed the Banco de Alimentos Foundation after years of working as a volunteer and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Patricia Kahane

Executive Director – Tzedaká Foundation.
Graduated in Psychology, she also obtained a postgraduate course in Organizational Analysis and Human Resources Management (UBA), and completed a postgraduate course in Funds Development for Non-profit Organizations at the School of Business from the University of Belgrano, as part of the Future Scenarios Programme, Säid Bussiness School, University of Oxford (UK).
She was Deputy Director of Leatid – Centre for the Training on Community Leadership in Latin American, at the American Joint Distribution Committee.
She has served as Program Director for HIAS Latin America.

Daniel Pomerantz

Executive Director – AMIA. He is a Public Accountant at the University of Buenos Aires, he studied Postgraduate in Administration (Faculty of Economics UBA) and he studied the Master of Design and Management of Social Programs (FLACSO). He has been a teacher in the FCE of the UBA, currently he is in the Professional Council of Cs. Econ. of the CABA, training in topics related to the management of OSC. Since 2002, he has been the Executive Director of AMIA – Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina.

Bárbara Kuss

Executive Director – Fundación Huerta Niño
Consultant in Organizational Development.
He holds a degree in Human Resources, held a position in Training and Development and a Diploma in Organizational Development. She is currently studying Social Management.

Emilio Xarrier

General Manager – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA, for its Spanish acronym)
Graduated as a Public Accountant at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (UBA).
Professor in the Master’s course of Management of Organizations in the Cultural and Creative Areas, at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (UBA).
Member of the Executive Committe of the Civil Society “COMUNIA”.
Master in Corporate Finance from the University of CEMA.
Graduated in Marketing Integrated Communications, Austral University.

Raúl Zavalía

Executive Director – Pro Vivienda Social Foundation. He has a degree in Administration. He completed a Specialization in Nonprofit Organizations organized by the universities Torcuato Di Tella and San Andrés and completed the Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Organization Management dictated by the same institutions. Since 1993, he has been the Executive Director of the Pro Vivienda Social Foundation.