The Executive Committee of RACI is formed by seven Executive Directors from the network's partner members. Those aspiring to be part of the Committee should apply for the position. They will be elected by vote in the Members Assembly that is carried out annualy in October.

The term in office lasts two years and it is possible to be reelected two terms in a row. The main objective is to have a Committee formed by seven members from a diverse thematic spectrum, in geography and scale.

Besides full members, the Committee designates alternate members within the appointed organizations to take over the role of the full member in case they were not to be able to comply with her or his functions in a given time. In addition, the organization's full members are backed up by the Organization's Alternates, which will replace them whenever it is necessary.


  • Contribute to the implementation of the annual action plan approved by the Members Assembly.
  • Develop political actions according to medium and long term strategies.
  • Suggest modifications to the Internal Regulations at the Members Assembly in order to keep the entity working adequately.
  • Present candidates to the Members Assembly to occupy the position of Executive Director in the event of a vacancy, after evaluating potential applicants.


  • Taking decissions by simple present majority voting except for the particular cases that the Internal Regulation sets not to.
  • Participating from monthly meetings with the Executive Commitee, to accompany it actively in the execution of the annual action plan.
  • Taking full care of the operative work and giving support to the Executive Direction daily.
  • Carrying out functions of the Evaluative Commission during the process of incorporation of new partners.
  • Carrying out the functions and powers instructed by the Members Assembly.