RACI’S Strategic Planing 2020 was confirmed by the Executive Commitee and by the Network’s Executive Direction together with the Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Commission.


  • Strengthening of the Civil Society

The initial objective of the Network is to improve Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) access the the support offered by the International Cooperation and to reflect the Argentine heterogeneous reality, with the objective of influencing the guidelines to be followed by the different agents of the International Cooperation.

In order to meet these objectives, the Network sought to strengthen the sector to improve the access opportunities to the International Cooperation. For this reason, a few years ago the Partners Area was created to interact and be closer to the members and to better understand what their needs are. The Network collaborates with the institutional strengthening of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) through the offer of informative material, seminars, workshops, talks and debates for them to develop new resources and capabilities that facilitate the access to the International Cooperation. The Network efforts are focused on three areas intended to achieve the strengthening of the Civil Society: awareness and incidence; training and strengthening; and research. The strengthening area is devoted, on the one side, to the creation of the resources for the members of the network (inwards) and, on the other side, to the creation of services or resources for the non-member organizations (outwards).

  • Incidence

The incidence is intended to raise awareness among all stakeholders in the process of cooperation. This is achieved through spreading the information generated by the Third Sector, which is based on: the field work; the dissemination of the activities and programmes of the organizations of the Civil Society; and the collaboration in the positioning of Argentina in the international arena, through the incidence in the policies of International Cooperation.

For the Strategic Planning, this area was divided considering the actors on which RACI could exert incidence. It was decided that the incidence would be carried out per the Network’s evaluation of the preponderance of the players. In this way, firstly, greater importance will be attributed to the agents of International Cooperation, and, secondly, the State will be considered, since it is the actor who regulates the social sector and eventually the private sector.

  • Research

The Research Area at RACI is intended to produce and disseminate information related to the International Cooperation towards Argentina, in view to generate inputs for the various actors involved in the process of cooperation development, particularly, the State, the CSOs, and governmental and private donors.

  • Regionalization

Latin America has lost importance as a focus of international assistance. The international financial crisis has hampered the implementation of the commitments of official development assistance (ODA) and it is expected that its flows will slow down in the coming years.

We are witnessing a change of paradigm in the International Cooperation and there are new emerging actors: CSOs, BRICS countries, Middle East, South East Asia, private donors, among others. Consequently, new forms of cooperation arise; for instance, the South-South Cooperation and the Triangular Cooperation.