Participating in internship and volunteering programs at Civil Society Organizations is an opportunity to collaborate and dealing with different types of social causes, communities and work procedures. The experience not only helps building and developing the organization that receives support from the interns and volunteers, it also nurtures the people who dare to join organizations from valuable professional and human experiences. Commitment, responsibility and a vocation to contribute to social transformation are the sole requirements.

The team of interns and volunteers at RACI is an essencial resource for developing the work of the organization. This is why the network receives, throughout the whole year, Argentine and foreign, students and professionals, who wish to acquire experience in the field of the International Cooperation while relating to a different national organizations. The activities are varied and flexible, and they are aligned with the interests and expectations of the interns and volunteers.

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Peter Skehan Australia
‘This experience was one of the best I've ever had. I had planned the internship for a long time and the results were excellent! Everything I've learned will be very useful for my future career. I wish the best to RACI.’
María Larrán Argentina
‘My experience at RACI will always be something unforgettable. The work that I did as a volunteer was very valuable for me, particularly getting to know the Third Sector, it was amazing. I am very happy with my work at RACI, the experience exceededed my expectations and the team is the best!’
Alice Darolles France
‘My experience in RACI was very instructive, it was always nice going to the office, always such a good environment. RACI carries out a very good job. Having collaborated with them, I can guarantee that their course of action is consistent with the message they transmit.’


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