The project manual to facilitate the access to International Cooperation – A strengthening tool for the civil society organizations is an initiative of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI), supported by the Embassy of Finland in Buenos Aires. The proposal arises with the objective to contribute to the social transformation of Argentina through the elaboration of a diagnosis of the situation of the country with regard to International Cooperation, the identification of problems and weakness at the interior of the civil society organization donees, and the exchange of information, experiences and work in cooperation between the member organizations of RACI.

This strategy of transfer of tools and good practice is inserted in the area of Training and Strengthening of RACI, which seeks to work with the institutional development and strengthening of the civil society organizations to develop new strategies and tools that facilitate access to opportunities that international cooperation offers. Therefore RACI, through this institutional publication, intends to give a response to some questions that the civil society organizations raise at the time of deciding to turn to the help offered by different agents of International Cooperation.

The manual to facilitate the access to International Cooperation – A tool of strengthening for the civil society organizations that aims to be a practical guide for those individuals or organizations that want to begin to deepen their links with International Cooperation, where through mechanisms, tools, tips and good practice – compiled from the experience of actors with trajectory in this matter – , will be able to tell with accessible, systematized, organized, and comprehensible information.