The civil society organizations are immersed in diverse contextual dynamics that impact the daily work that they do. The current international context presents particular challenges that are made more difficult; in various places of the world performing measures that prevent the advancement of the enabling space for civil society.

The current international context presents challenges that are made more difficult, The challenges of the current world in which we live are difficult to approach in a unilateral way. However, the construction of collective spaces of collaboration and cooperation have been known to build solid foundations for addressing challenges. Currently, the use of technology has facilitated the generation and approach of actors that previously did not exist. Today, more than ever, the private sector has assumed the role of key ally to the civil society organizations, since the introduction of new forms of financing and the generation of integral planes of a collective approach that look for sustainable development of local communities.

Since RACI considers the strengthening of said spaces to be strategic,  it is for that reason that we work on strengthening the process of Local, Private, Social Investment and for the Development of Argentina in order to increase the effectiveness of the interventions of the companies and foundations that makes social investment in the country, from the spreading of the experiences of the key actors in this field, that serve on the base of other private, social investors to improve their performance, articulate their activities in a multi-acting way and confront the challenges of development in the country.