Guillermo Correa

Executive Director
He graduated with honours in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA, 2003). He also holds a Master in International Relations (UBA, thesis in progress).
Guillermo has been a member of the network of global alliances CIVICUS since 2011. In 2014, he was elected to join AGNA (Affinity Group of National Associations) to represent Latin America. In 2016 he was elected to be a member of the Executive Directorate at CIVICUS. He is a promoter of the Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSII) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Swedish Agency for International Development (SIDA).

Juliana Catania

Deputy Director
She graduated with honors in Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires (2007) and attended a Master in Public Policy and Management of the Development at the UNSAM/ Georgetown (2012, thesis in progress). As an intern at the Carolina Foundation, she completed a Master in Immigration Management at Pompeu Fabra University at Barcelona, Spain (2012). In addition, she obtained a diploma in Evaluation of Projects of International Cooperation and Development at UNSAM (2014) and completed a Master in International Cooperation for the Development: Policy, Management and Instruments, at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (2016).

Mariana Agnolin

Institutional Development and Projects Director

Passionate about cooperation and international relations, Mariana has specialized in the management of projects and development programs in multicultural areas. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Torcuato di Tella University. She has worked as a Project Officer at the British Embassy (2003-2009) and as a Project Manager at the British Council (2009-2013), leading dozens of local and regional projects in areas such as education, art, climate change, governance, transparency, security, among others. She was also Business Development Manager at the Australian Trade Commission in Argentina based at the Australian Embassy (2013-2015). She was a teacher at the Universidad del Salvador and Director of Regional Affairs and Regional Coordinator of the National Direction for International Cooperation of the Ministry of National Security (2015-2020).

Ana Gayoso

Administration & Finance
She has an extensive background in the administrative area in the private sector, and this is her first experience in the field of Civil Society. She attended the course ‘Remunerations, Staff Salaries, Unions, Social Charges and Housekeeping Service’ (2014, Capacitarte UBA).

Luana Esquenazi

Research Coordinator

She has worked as a teacher and researcher at University of Buenos Aires since an undergraduate in 2003. She has contributed in several researches on topics such as violence, education and ethics. She graduated with honors in Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires in 2007. She has wide experience in academic public speaking (talks and presentations), academic writing (publications, papers) and academic coordination. She has also worked as a freelance investigator assistant for several ONG’s. She is attending a Master in International Relationships (since 2016) at University of Buenos Aires Law School. She is currently teaching at University of Buenos Aires, and working on a research project for the National University of Lanús.

Clarisa Piccione

Membership Area and Projects Coordinator

Graduated in International Relations from Torcuato Di Tella University (2016) and is currently working on her thesis. She did an exchange in Lille, France (2016), where she took subjects in French and in English in a University’s semester.

Victoria Rodríguez Costi

Membership Area Assistant

Student of International Relations in the University of El Salvador. She worked as a volunteer in the Argentine Council on International Relations (CARI) in 2017, and also in RACI in 2018. She did an exchange in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied during one semester in Sophia University.

Olivia Huidobro

Executive Assistant and Communications

Olivia Huidobro has a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies (2018) and has specialized in History and Culture. She did an exchange program in Sciences Po Paris (2017), France, where she obtained the certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities. She has worked in Communications in the private sector and this is her first experience with Civil Society Organizations.

Diego Camaño Moretti

Institutional and Projects Assistant

Advanced student of Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) with an orientation in International Relations. He was a volunteer in RACI during 2019.

Azul Borisenko


Political Science student at the University of Buenos Aires. She participated as a volunteer in the institutional area of RACI in 2020 and took the online course “Writing for Social Justice” at the University of California, Berkeley.