RACI collaborates with the allocation of resources towards the Argentine civil society, technically assisting the actors linked to international cooperation and local, private, social investment in the evaluation and selection of social projects to obtain financing. RACI has worked with embassies, foundations and private companies in joint management of funds.

The main activities of RACI during the process include, firstly, the elaboration of funding application forms for projects, as well as the terms and conditions and the establishment of criteria and subject matter that support the call. Then, RACI orders the launch of the call and its broadcasting between the organizations of the civil society. Once the call deadline is closed, RACI carries out the reception and systematization of the received proposals, and their following evaluation and selection through a system of objective scoring. From there on, RACI creates the executive summary that contains data of the pre-selected proposals and a final list of potentially eligible projects.

The donor makes the selection of the winning projects, and once the approved, RACI acts as a liaison to the winning organizations in order to compile the information and documents for the completion of transfers.