AGNA’s reunion in Jordan

Between the 12th and 13th of June, The Anual General Reunion of AGNA was held by Affinity Group of National Associations, in which RACI participated with other networks from different parts of the world that are also members of CIVICUS. The reunion took place in Amman, Jordan. During the first

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How can philanthropy help to solve inequalities?

The economic inequalities seem to be rising. Last year, the poorer part of the world became poorer still, while the multi millionaires became richer at the same procentual rate. Even though it is true that there is a growing conscience about the growing inequalities, there is very little public participation

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RACI returned to Kazakhstan for the Festival of Innovation

As a part of the initiative, “Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean”, RACI participated in the Festival of Innovation, held in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event was carried out by the local Kazakh organization, ARGO, which coordinates the I4C regional center of Central Asia. It was

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CIVICUS State of Civil Societies Report 2019

CIVICUS has published the Spanish version of its report, detailing how many civil society organizations operate around the world. The report analyzes the impact of contemporary events and trends on civil society, aiming to identify the way each organization is responding to the primary problems and present challenges that are

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Regional Meeting of Socioenvironmental Projects

RACI recently participated in the Regional Meeting of Socioenvironmental projects, which was organized by the Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones (Small Donations Program) and Red Comunidades Rurales (Network of Rural Communities). The meeting was held largely in order to close the application process for the Small Grants Program fund. The organizations that

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Are you familiar with the programs of Educar 2050?

Educar 2050 is a civil organization with more than ten years of experience, dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of quality education and the impact of public policies as they strive towards transformative education in Argentina.  Educar 2050 has been a member of RACI since 2013, and this month,

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How can philanthropy help to solve inequality?

The economic inequality seems to be increasing. Last year half of the poorest population became poorer, meanwhile, multi-millionaire became richer in the same percentage. Although there is a big awareness growth of inequality increase, there is not a huge public participation with the topic. The guilt of this problem should

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Two visits shared by our volunteers

Continuing with the monthly visits that the RACI team organizes together with its members, we were able to coordinate two very enriching meetings with the Foundation of Community Organizations (FOC) and the Latin American Justice and Gender Team to get to know the people involved behind the organizations and their

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We are on Instagram!

Last week RACI opened its Instagram account. The goal of having an account in this social network is to be able to give greater visibility about the work we do. Our posts will be oriented in providing information about the visits to our members, the news of our newsletter, the

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Continuing with the strategic planification for the 2025

Last Wednesday, RACI completed its first Synthesis Workshop, as a following in the Strategic Planning Process started in March. This workshop took place in the British Embassy and participated members from the work group that will be elaborating the planification document, as well as representatives of the different sectors with

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