RACI 2018 Membership is now open

As every year, during the month of May, RACI opens its membership process so that all those organizations that wish to join a collaborative workspace, both locally and internationally, can do so.

This year, the membership opens the 2nd of May and be applied until the 31st of May 2018. The requirements, for the organizations wishing incorporate the Network are the following:

  • To be an Non-governmental organization, non-profit, non-partisan.
  • To be a social Organization of cause, that means be constituted to carry out an activity for the common good, democratically organized, whose financial resources are used to help to pursue its own objectives.
  • To be an Argentinean Organization which works in the country.
  • To be registered under Argentine legal regulations, in any forms which the law provides for the non-profit organizations (civil associations, foundations, the cooperators, the co-operatives, the mutuals, etc.)
  • To have al least 2 years of seniority in its functioning since its legal inscription.

 The process of entrance is divided in two stages. In the First stage, you have to follow the following steps:

  • To send a Card signed by the member of the Executive Comitee or by the  representative of the applicant organisation, with its logo, specifying both the interest of the organisation in joining RACI and the reasons for this interest.
  • To complete the nivel I of the Formulario de membresía.
  • To complete the form, you have to go to the following link: http://raci.org.ar/formulario-membresia/

If you have any questions, please write to: membresia@raci.org.ar