Come in and meet FEPAIS Foundation

This year we set as a goal to share the work done by members of the Net. For this reason we interviewed Marta Lescano, President of FEPAIS Foundation, this month. ‘The organization was founded on 2011 to promote Positive Coexistence in society from Education in values. Its mission is to educate supporting communities and Civil Societies Organizations in managing projects and  participatory proposals for social integration, in a proactive way. This is accomplished by educating in values for a healthy positive coexistence that promotes mutual respect and social responsibility and working in teams with the actors involved to detect and solve problems. By doing so communities are empowered to be transformed’ told us.

On the other hand, she added that the organization has a national scope with the objective of ‘giving and supporting diverse initiatives focused on positive coexistence, with diversity of groups that include public and private schools, public institutions, civil organizations, enterprises, unions and community spaces’.

Marta also expressed the Foundation’s core ideas: respect for diversity, teamwork, non violent communication, coexistence agreements and environment care. Various workshops based on them are available:

  • Environmental Promoters PAC-Communitarian (Promotores Ambientales Comunitarios-PAC) (Ecology + coexistence): The aim is to promote the awareness, the development and the sustainable exercise of an education in values, regarding the environmental care based on the creation and the implementation of concrete projects in the community.
  • The Coexistence Circle (La Rueda de la Convivencia) (Relation + coexistence): Directed to educational organizations. It focuses on the facilitation of teaching – learning processes and on the promotion of a healthy institutional environment.
  • Coexisting in Existing (Convivir Viviendo) (Relation + coexistence): Directed to non educational organizations: enterprises, groups and the community in general. It focuses on the promotion of healthy environments through a culture of peace.

Both “The Coexistence Circle” and the “Coexisting in Existing workshops concentrate on the construction and the implementation of strategic responses to solve coexistence issues, through detection, management and suggestions of a pacific resolution of conflicts, based on a education in values and on the development of social abilities.

  • Assistants for the Healthy Life – AVISA (Asistentes para la Vida Saludable) (Health + coexistence): Based on the promotion of healthcare consciousness, considering it as an integration between body, mind and responsible behaviour. It wants every social actor to acquire consciousness and autonomy regarding his personal care, as well as to be a replicator of healthy practices as a model for others.
  • Generate (Generar)  (Gender perspective + coexistence): It is aiming at sensibilizing on gender issues, as well as at acquiring tools for self esteem and connections strengthening. It provides strategies and communitarian politics for the promotion and the prevention of gender and violence issues. This project contains the material of the Woman Office, of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Argentinian Nation with the support of the UNO Women, along with other organizations.

About why they decided to join the Net, Marta mentioned that ‘the objective of Education for Coexistence brought us closer to the work that RACI does through a Federation composed of more than 130 CSO, that enables the experiences and results sharing between organizations of the country, with both local and international agents available to invert financial and social capital for the country development.’

She added as well that ‘it emerges essential for any organization to count on interinstitutional, learning and update dialogue spaces, as well as on a field that collaborates in resources and knowledges management to promote in a sustainable way the transformations a country needs. Being part of a community that enables us to grow up and strengthen seems key for us, this is why we find in RACI a fundamental pillar in order to continue to share experiences, to learn and professionalize our practice along with others.’

As for the assessment they can do as members, the FEPAIS President expressed it is highly positive because it enables them to know other organizations’ chore, to delve into their work shaping networks with various OCS of the country, to connect with local and international agents. ‘For FEPAIS Foundation, being a member implicates counting on a highly professionalized Net, that listens and canalizes the worries and is ready to offer its knowledge, experience and time in order that member organizations continue to grow up in look for the reach of its objectives. After the experience of these last shared years, we encourage other organizations to join RACI to manage to strengthen and to contribute from collective and plural spaces to the social transformation of Argentina’, she added.

We thank Marta for having joined and participated in this space. If you want to know more about FEPAIS, you can visit its website If you are a RACI Member and you wish to be part of this section, send us an email at