RACI participated in the interregional event of Innovation for Change

Throughout the week, part of the RACI team travelled to Alamty city in Kazakhstan as part of the Innovation for Change Latin America and the Caribbean, where they participated of the Interregional Meeting of centers from all over the world. The event which was attended by more than 100 people,

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You can participate in Pulso Cívico until July 29!

As part of the ongoing collaboration that RACI carries out to strengthen Civil Society, this year the Network launches “Pulso Cívico – Survey of Leaders and Referents of Argentine Civil Society” whose objective is carry out a diagnostic study of the state of current Civil Society. Pulso Cívico is a

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The Impact of Philanthropy on Economic Development

According to a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), private philanthropy plays a very important role in certain sectors of economic development. The following report uses global data to analyze how private foundations support development and provide recommendations for improving the use and application of

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Meet the winners of the Latin America and Caribbean Innovation Fund

In 2017 RACI was the organization chosen to co-manage the Latin America and Caribbean Innovation Fund granted by Tides Center and Innovation for Change for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Network received a total of 72 project proposals from several countries in the region, including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua,

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The Omidyar network takes the floor!

To know the allies with whom we want to work or continue to internalize ourselves with about their changes and internal aspirations, is part of the process of generating sustainable alliances that in RACI we always promote. In this sense, we invite you to read about the history of the

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4 days left before the RACI membership process is closed!

You still have time. The first steps in the membership process are short and simple. Read the note and find out how to join the Network as a new member. The first step, before you start filling out any forms, is to research the work of RACI. Browse our website,

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Be part of Pulso Cívico – Argentina

As part of RACI’s ongoing collaboration to strengthen the Civil Society, this year the Network launching the “Pulso Cívico – Survey of Argentine Civil Society Leaders and Referees”, which aims to carry out a diagnostic study of the current state of Civil Society. Pulso Cívico is an investigation project based

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Find out how the Foundation for Agrocultural Development (FUDA) works

This month, as part of our goal to learn more about the valuable work our partners are doing, we took a few minutes to interview FUDA’s Executive Director, Lucas Carneiro. FUDA became a member of RACI in 2016, after meeting the Network at a workshop in the province of Misiones.

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The End of International Assistance?

“International aid will end before the eradication of extreme poverty”,. This is how Indermit Gill, the Director of the Center for International Development at Duke University,  embodies the idea that the “official development assistance” is a type of aid that tends to die out. His article is positioned within a framework

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C20 celebrated the face to face meeting of the Groups of Work

During the 4th and 5th of April the C20 Face-to-face meeting took place. There the eight working groups met in order to advance in the preparation of policy documents that will be delivered to the G20. Within the activities planned by the Civil Affinity Group 20, the eight Working Groups

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